Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 10th: Missing the Point

There are lots of things I could say, but it's easier to let the Facebook poster who actually met this dude speak:

Let's have some fun with this jackass' photo.  First, love the bloody tears. Classy, man. I'm sure you, looking for your parties and using Tibetans for their sob stories, are truly shedding tears of blood.  Stay strong, white tourist, stay strong.

Does he have any idea what the protest is about?  I doubt it.  He made that pretty damn clear when he wanted to know about the party opportunities. (I also trust the original FB poster in that she talked to this guy and he had no clue what the uprising day is all about). So what is it for him? A chance to party, a chance to be noticed with his sign and face paint.  A chance to be the "socially conscious" white hero with a pretend bigger and grander agenda ("Globalize Empathy"?).

Gotta love the dirty looks he's getting from the Tibetans around him.

He's in it for the party and the attention.  And the media gave it to him.

Despite the fact that thousands of Tibetans were gathered there, AP and other news sources chose to concentrate on this guy, a white attention seeker with a sign that has nothing to do with the Tibetan issue, as the central image.  The Tibetans are background. They are the T&A.  As usual, the media would prefer to put a white face as the star. In a way, turning the white face into the image of the simultaneous "victim" and "savior" of the Tibetan struggle, the one here protesting with bloody tears.  I can't even put into words how wrong this is on so many levels.

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