Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not Dead!

Just a quick note! Neither we nor the blog have died. Pongu and I are both running tight with work and deadlines and all sorts of craziness. The blog will continue once we both have a chance to breathe. Ideally I hope to have a post up in the next few days. Sorry about the delay!

By the way, if you have seen an issue that you think should be on the blog, please respond with it in the comments. If you don't want the comment published and just want to send us an idea, please say "DON'T PUBLISH THIS COMMENT!" and we won't. I hope you readers can contribute some good topic ideas! Don't worry, we have plenty (life surrounds us with them) but we'd love to get opinions aside from our own.

Thanks for your patience! We hope to be up and running soon.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're not dead! I just found this blog today (from you link to "let's talk about feet" on Native Appropriations), and am excited to add it to the list I want to check regularly!

  2. Thanks B! I'm a huge fan of the NA blog. I expect that in about a week we'll be back up to regular updates, but both authors (myself and Pongu) have been absolutely over our heads busy! I hope you continue reading and commenting. We'd love to get some different perspectives.


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